Important Dates and Deadlines to consider for 2015


July 27th -First practice for Harvest Teams.

August 3rd – August 16th  – Hands-off period (Sports Season Policy)

Coaches should download a copy of the MPA Soccer Bulletin from the MPA Website (see “Soccer Links” on home page)


August 14th – First countable game for Harvest Teams (after 3:00 pm)

August 17th – First Practice.

August 21st – First Inter-school Scrimmage (after 5 days of conditioning).


September 4th – First Countable Game (after 3:00 p.m.)

September 11th – Membership Dues to President.

Weekend of September 14th – Email explaining and starting the Nomination Process sent out to coaches.

September 28th – 1st Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches nominate up to five of their own players using this formNominations due by Monday, September 28th.


Week of October 7th – 2nd Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches receive via email the Nominations Sheets and Ballot for the voting process.

October 19th – All-Star Ballots are sent to the Regional Vice-Presidents via email.

October 20th – Last Countable Game.

October 21st On-line voting begins for Sportsmanship Banner (one week to vote)

October 23rd – *Girls’ (and Boys’ Class D) Regional Prelims.

October 24th – Boys’ Regional Prelims.

Week of October 26th – V.P.’s tally ballots and send results to President by Friday, October 30th. Also Sportsmanship Award voting will take place with each team’s coaches and players selecting three teams that will be submitted to the School’s A.D who will email the choices to the MPA Office. Sportsmanship Banners will be awarded to receiving teams at State Championship venues.

October 27th – Girls’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 28th – Boys’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 30th  – *Girls’ and Boys’ Class C and D Semi Finals.

October 31st  – *Girls’ and Boys’ Class A and B Semi Finals.


November 2rd – Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams are posted on the website.  Senior All-Stars who plan to attend the 20th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl will email the President at

Week of November 2nd –  All-America/All-New England Ballots are sent to coaches via email.

November 4th – Regional Finals All Classes.

November 7th – State Finals: Class A & B – Fitzpatrick Stadium    Class C & D – Presque Isle Middle School

November 10th – Final RSVP date for Senior All-Stars attending Senior Bowl.

November 15th – 21st Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl at Hampden Academy. Boy’s game is at 12:00 noon and the Girl’s game is at 2:30 p.m. Seniors will receive invitations for 42nd Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet.

November 17th – All America/All New England ballot due to President via email (Ballot may be hand delivered to President by coaches who attend the Senior Bowl on Sunday).

Week of November 16th – Invitations to the 41st Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet are emailed to coaches and mailed to Regional All-Stars.

*May move the 10/24 game to 10/25 and the 10/31 game to 11/1 by mutual agreement.

**Potential SAT conflict.


December 6th – 41st Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet at the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor.

Note: These important dates and deadlines are under “Calendar and Events” on the Maine Soccer Coaches Website –

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2015 NFHS Soccer Rules Changes

3-3-3(e) New: Since the clock is stopped when bench personnel are cautioned or disqualified, substitutes from both teams who have already reported may be beckoned by the referee and may enter the field of play. Previously, there was no provision for substitutes to enter the field of play during this type of stoppage.

4-1-1(h)3: Currently, the jersey of the goalkeeper must be distinctly different in color from his/her teammates and opposing field players. To differentiate opponents, it is important that the goalkeeper’s socks be included in this rule. Therefore, the goalkeeper’s socks must differ in color from the opposing field players.

Points of Emphasis

1. Heat Acclimatization and Safety Priorities

  • Recognize that Exertional Heatstroke (EHS) is the leading preventable cause of death among high school athletes.
  • Know the importance of a formal pre-season heat acclamation plan.
  • Know the importance of having and implementing a specific hydration plan, keeping your athletes well-hydrated, and encouraging and providing opportunities for regular fluid replacement.
  • Know the importance of appropriately modifying activities in relation to the environmental heat stress and contributing individual risk factors (e.g., illness, obesity) to keep you athletes safe and performing well.
  • Know the importance for all members of the coaching staff to closely monitor all athletes during practice and training in the heat, and recognize the signs and symptoms of developing heat illnesses.
  • Know the importance of, and resources for, establishing an emergency action plan and promptly implementing it in case of suspected EHS or other medical emergency.

2. Fighting/Reckless Play – Players, coaches, game officials and spectators must work together to model and demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play, to minimize risk and to maximize participation.

3. Tape or Similar Materials on Socks – If tape or a similar material (stays/straps) is applied externally to the socks, it must be of similar color as that part of the sock to which it is applied. (Home tape/stays/straps = white, Away tape/stays/straps = similar color of socks)

4. Communication – Game officials are encouraged to effectively communicate with one another as well as with players and coaches throughout the game.

5. Goal Kick – Players opposing the kicker shall remain outside of the penalty area until the ball has cleared the penalty area.

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NSCAA 2016 National Convention

2016 Convention in Baltimore is coming soon! Billed as “The World’s Largest Annual Gathering of Soccer Coaches,” each year the NSCAA Convention draws approximately 4,000 coaches from our 30,000-plus members, and more than 10,000 attendees over five days for live field demonstration and lecture sessions, networking socials, coaching diplomas and more!. Save the Date for the 2016 NSCAA Convention: For the Love of the Game. This event will be held in Baltimore, January 13-17. Registration will open this summer as we reveal schedule and presenter information. For more information go to:

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Uniform Color Rule

National Federation Soccer Rule 4, Section 1 is in effect.  The home team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks and the visiting team shall wear solid dark jerseys and socks.  Both socks must be the same color

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Coaching Requirements for 2015

Mandatory Rules Clinics – There will be mandatory rules clinics held in soccer this fall. Each high school program (boys and girls) must have a coach or athletic administrator attend one of these mandatory meeting. All coaches must sign in to be credited with attendance. The 8/16 meeting at Gorham Middle School will utilize the Tandberg System and a list of Distance Learning Sites is provided below:

Date Site Time
August 2 Ellsworth H.S. 7:00pm
August 6 Northern Maine Comm. College 7:00pm
August 9 Edward Little H.S. 5:00pm
August 12 Lawrence H.S. 6:00pm
August 16 *Gorham M.S. 5:00pm
August 17 Wiscasset H.S. 7:00pm
August 23 Husson College 6:00pm
Distance Learning Sites
Hampden Academy
Houlton H.S.
Katahdin H.S.
Oxford Hills Comprehensive H.S.
Piscataquis Community H.S.
Washington Academy
Wisdom H.S.
Woodland H.S.
*Will utilize the Tandberg Equipment


Each coach must complete the NFHS “Concussion in Sport – What You Need to Know” video that is available at the NFHS website (


Each coach must complete the NFHS “A Guide to Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention” video that is available at the NFHS website (

Prior to their return to the sideline any coach ejected from a game must complete the NFHS “Teaching and Modeling Behavior” video that is available at the NFHS website (

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Rankings and Statistics

Through the work of Travis Lee, the Sports Reporter at Channel 8 in Portland you can participate in weekly ranking of Boy’s and Girl’s teams throughout the state.  And as in the past his website will keep track of individual stats for boys and girls soccer in Maine.  Each week Travis will take your votes for the top teams in the state. He will also need other game stats such as goals and assists, goalie saves, and team scores emailed to him on a regular basis. The stats will then be posted at, where they can be viewed.

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