Important Dates and Deadlines to consider for 2017


July 24th -First practice for Harvest Teams.

July 31st – August 13th  – Hands-off period (Sports Season Policy)

Coaches should download a copy of the MPA Soccer Bulletin from the MPA Website (see “Soccer Links” on home page)


August 11th – First countable game for Harvest Teams (after 3:00 pm)

August 14th – First Practice.

August 18th – First Inter-school Scrimmage (after 5 days of conditioning).


September 1st – First Countable Game (after 3:00 p.m.)

Week of September 11th – Email explaining and starting the Nomination Process sent out to coaches.

September 15th – Membership Dues to President (Michael Jeffrey, 8 Somerset St., Bangor ME 04401)

September 25th – 1st Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches nominate up to five of their own players using this formNominations due by Monday, September 25th.


Week of October 9th – 2nd Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches receive via email the Nominations Sheets and Ballot for the voting process.

October 16th – All-Star Ballots are sent to the Regional Vice-Presidents via email.

October 17th – Last Countable Game.

October 18th On-line voting begins for Sportsmanship Banner (one week to vote)

October 20th – *Girls’ (and Boys’ Class D) Regional Prelims.

October 22nd – Boy’ Regional Prelims.

October 23rd – All-Star Ballots are sent to the Regional Vice-Presidents via email.

October 27th – V.P.’s tally ballots and send results to President by Friday, October 27th. Also Sportsmanship Award voting will take place with each team’s coaches and players selecting three teams that will be submitted to the School’s A.D who will email the choices to the MPA Office. Sportsmanship Banners will be awarded to receiving teams at State Championship venues.

October 24th – Girls’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 25th – Boys’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 27th  – *Girls’ and Boys’ Class C and D Semi Finals.

October 28th  – Girls’ and Boys’ Class B and A Semi Finals.


November 1st – Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams are posted on the website.  Senior All-Stars who plan to attend the 23rd Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl will email the President at

Week of November 1st –  All-America/All-New England Ballots are sent to coaches via email.

November 1st – Regional Finals All Classes.

November 4th – ^State Finals Class A & D: Site TBD  Class B & C: Site TBD

November 10th – Final RSVP date for Senior All-Stars attending Senior Bowl.

November 12th – 23rd Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl at Husson University. Girl’s game is at 12:00 noon and the Boy’s game is at 2:30 p.m. Seniors will receive invitations for 44th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet.

November 13th – All America/All New England ballot due to President via email (Ballot may be hand delivered to President by coaches who attend the Senior Bowl on Sunday).

Week of November 13th – Invitations to the 44th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet are emailed to coaches and mailed to Regional All-Stars.

*May move the 10/20 game to 10/21 and the 10/27 game to 10/28 by mutual agreement.

**Potential SAT conflict.

Note: State Championship game will rotate from a Southern Maine to Northern Maine site every year with a 5th year of rotation looking to schedule games at an Aroostook County location.


December 3rd – 44th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet at the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor at 1:00 pm.

Note: These important dates and deadlines are under “Calendar and Events” on the Maine Soccer Coaches Website –

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2017 NFHS Soccer Rules Changes

4-1-1d: If visible apparel is worn under the jersey and/or shorts, it shall be a single solid color matching the predominant color of the respective garment. Visible arm compression sleeves shall be a similar length, all alike and of a solid color matching the predominant color of the jersey. Visible leg compression sleeves shall be of a similar length, all alike and of a solid color matching the predominant color of the shorts.

Rationale: Players often wear compression shorts which are longer than the short or jersey. They should be of the same color. This rule addition is needed to maintain consistency with current uniform rule requirements and color restrictions.

4-2-1 Exception 1: Deleted

Rationale: With the adoption of the change related to the use of headgear as opposed to only headbands, this exception is no longer necessary.

4-2-9: A soft padded headgear that meets the ASTM standard is permitted.

Rationale: This allows for the newer headgear styles that are currently in the market to be used that are not just headbands.

5-1-3f: Unless otherwise prohibited by the state association, electronic communication devices may be used to communicate with crew members.

Rationale: This rule allows, but does not require, the use of common communication devices that are currently available and affordable. This will permit officials to utilize such equipment and improve communication allowing for a better officiated game, if permitted by the state association.

8-1-3: The ball shall be kicked while it is stationary on the ground in the center of the field of play and may clearly move in any direction.

Rationale: Requiring that the ball move forward on the kickoff is meaningless in the modern game.

10-1-3f: A goal may not be scored directly from a kickoff into the kicking team’s own goal.

Rationale: This change retains consistency with the concept that a team cannot score against themselves from a free kick, as provided in 10.1.3 c, d and e.

13-1-2: All free kicks, with the exception of penalty kicks, may be taken in any direction. Free kicks are taken from the spot of the foul except for the reasons listed in 13-2-3, which are taken from the location of the ball when the referee stopped play. Free kicks resulting from fouls committed in the goal area are taken as described in 13-1-3 or 13-1-4.  Indirect free kicks for offside (13-2-2b) are taken from the spot where the offending player interfered with play, interfered with an opponent or gained an advantage by being in that position.

Rationale: The current rule also does not clearly identify where indirect free kicks for
offside are taken. This change makes it clear.

14-1-4: The ball shall be kicked while it is stationary on the ground from the spot or any place on the penalty mark. To be in play, the ball shall be moved forward. The player taking the penalty kick is permitted to use a stutter step or a hesitation move provided there is no stopping and there is continuous movement toward the ball. Failure to kick the ball as specified shall be considered a violation by the attacking team and the appropriate penalties shall apply. Stutter-stepping is not an interruption in movement.

Rationale: This addition of these sentences clarifies that the stutter step is allowed.


3-3-2, 4-1-1, 5-1-3c, 14-1-3


1. Risk Minimization
2. Referee Communication and Teamwork
3. Restarts

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United Soccer Coaches 2018 National Convention

2018 Convention in Philadelphia is coming soon! January 17th – 21st

Billed as “The World’s Largest Annual Gathering of Soccer Coaches,” each year the United Soccer Coaches Convention draws approximately 4,000 coaches from our 30,000-plus members, and more than 10,000 attendees over five days for live field demonstration and lecture sessions, networking socials, coaching diplomas and more!

When it comes to soccer events in the United States, few can parallel United Soccer Coaches Convention. No other event matches the fun, excitement and learning opportunities this annual gathering offers to soccer coaches at all levels of the game.

Whether it’s learning the basics of coaching goalkeepers or a high-level discussion of systems of play, every coach who attends will find something new to add to their soccer repertoire. And the coaching instruction is just the beginning – the four-day program is filled with unlimited opportunities to mix and mingle with some of the most prominent names on the soccer landscape.

Exhibitor Information:

Join Us at the Largest Soccer-Specific Trade Show in North America

The United Soccer Coaches invites you to exhibit us at our 2018 Annual Convention.

The exhibit portion of the Convention annually showcases more than 300 exhibitors covering 600,000 square feet, making it The Largest Soccer Trade Show in North America.

Full Registration Includes:

  • All United Soccer Coaches Convention and US Youth Soccer Workshop education sessions (Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon)
  • Unlimited access to the Exhibit Hall, including: Thursday Night’s Grand Opening and Friday’s Happy Hour
  • Registration Welcome Packet
  • T-shirt (while supplies last and sizes not guaranteed)
  • United Soccer Coaches Special Topic Diplomas and/or Certificate (Make sure to visit the Diplomas and Certificates page to view the requirements to obtain a diploma or certificate.)

For more information go to:

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Coaching Requirements for 2017

There will be mandatory rules clinics held in soccer this fall. Each high school program (boys and girls) must have a coach attend one of these mandatory meetings. All coaches must sign in to be credited with attendance.
Date Site Time TBA
*Each coach must complete the NFHS “Concussion in Sport – What You Need to Know” video that is available at the NFHS website (
*Each coach must complete the NFHS “A Guide to Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention” video that is available at the NFHS website (
*Each coach must complete the NFHS “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” video that is available at the NFHS website (


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