South Sweeps North With Double 6 – 4

Senior Bowl Walk Out 2015Results of the 21st Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl

Two Southern Maine 6 – 4 scores highlighted the 21st Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl held at Husson University on Sunday. In the Boy’s game the South were led by Matt Caron of Scarborough, who scored 2 goals and assisted on another, Ahmed Suja of South Portland who scored two goals, and Patrick Grant of Yarmouth who scored 1 goal and assisted on three others. The sixth goal was scored by Jason Brooks of Marranacook, while Mackenzie Hoglund of Cheverus added an assist. Goal Keepers for the South were Trenton Bassingthwaite of Gorham and Maurice Kopp of Lee Academy. For the North Seniors Abdi Shariff of Lewiston scored all 4 goals, with three of them coming in a seven minute time span. Assists were dished out by Maslah Hassan of Lewiston, who had two, and Jordan Lambe of Washington Academy and Abdulkarim Abdulle of Lewiston each adding one assist. Goal Keepers for the North squad were Kyle Townsend of Hampden Academy, Bruce St. Peter of Ellsworth, and Stanley Clarke of Bangor.

In the Girl’s game the South Seniors were led by Kelsea Anair of Richmnd, who netted two goals. Single goal scorers were Izzy Hutnak of Greely, Jocelyn Mitiguy of Greely, Kayla Bess of Madison, and Emily Baker of North Yarmouth Academy. Assists for the South were turned in by Thea Sweet of Hall-Dale, who passed for a double, and Liliana Cousineau of Leavitt, Tyler Spence of Falmouth, and Kaelyn Woods of Gray New Gloucester, who each assisted on one goal. The winning keeper for the South was Angela Daigle of Leavitt. Goal Scorers for the North were Amy Hallett of Penobscot Alley, who netted two, and  Opal Curless of Mount Desert Island and Taylor Williams of Presque Isle, who scored single goals. Assists were notched by Caitlin Paradis of Ashland and Eryn Doiron of Mt. Blue. Keepers for the North were Jillian Flynn of Presque Isle and Sami Ireland of Penobscot Valley.


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State Champions 2015

Congratulations to the new State Champions


Class A) Lewiston, Class B) Yarmouth, Class C) Washington Academy, Class D) Fort Fairfield


Class A) Bangor, Class B) Greely, Class C) Orono, Class D) Richmond

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Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams 2015


Northern Maine Class A

Bangor: Carson Atherley, Midfield, Jr, Stanley Clarke, Keeper, Sr, Eli Clein, Forward, Sr; Brunswick: Jennings Souza, Midfield, Sr, Keenan Welzel, Forward, Sr; Camden Hills: Tristan Fong, Back, Sr, Josiah Krul, Forward, Jr; Cony: Connor Perry, Forward, Sr; Edward Little: Ben Steele, Back, Sr; Hampden Academy: Brandon Chasse, Back, Sr, Nick Chasse, Forward, Sr, Nick Gilpin, Forward, Sr, Kyle Townsend, Keeper, Sr; Lewiston: Abdulkarim Abdulle, Midfield, Sr, Zakariya Abdulle, Back, Sr, Maslah Hassan, Forward, Sr, Abdi Shariff, Forward, Sr; Mt. Ararat: James Hutchinson, Back, Jr.

Northern Maine Class B

Caribou: Michael Hunter, Midfield, Sr; Ellsworth: Lukas Firestone, Midfield, Sr, Bruce St. Peter, Keeper, Sr; Erskine Academy: Trevor Hubbard, Forward, Sr; Foxcroft Academy: Antonio Ayala, Midfield, Sr, Logan Butera, Keeper, Jr, Nathaniel Church, Back, Sr; Tobias Hogfeldt, Forward, So; Hermon: James Peterson, Back, So; Mount Desert Island: Ryan Bender, Back, Sr, Joseph Grubb, Forward, Jr; Oceanside: Andrew King, Forward, Sr; Old Town: Kaleb Gifford, Back, Sr; Presque Isle: Nick Bartlett, Midfield, Jr; Waterville: Michael Oliveira, Midfield, Sr; Winslow: Cody Doughty, Midfield, Sr.

Northern Maine Class C

Central: Andrew Prescott, Midfield, Sr, Caleb Shaw, Forward, Jr, Andrew Speed, Forward, Jr; Fort Kent: Ryan Chasse, Midfield, Sr, Brandon Theriault, Forward, Sr; George Stevens Academy: Beowolf Urban, Forward, Sr; Houlton: Connor Grant, Forward, Sr; Lee Academy: Maurice Kopp, Keeper, Sr; Limstone/MSSM: Tobyn Blatt, Forward, So; Mattanawcook Academy: Elijah Brown, Forward, Sr, Nate Merritt, Back, Sr; Orono: Noah Burr, Back, Jr; Penquis: Clayton Preble, Back, Jr; Piscataquis: Bryce Gilbert, Forward, So; Sumner: Max Eklund, Forward, Sr; Washington Academy: Jordan Lambe, Back, Sr.

Northern Maine Class D

Ashland: Jarrett Beaulier, Forward, Sr, Alex Lewin, Back, Sr; Bangor Christian: Luke Chandler, Midfield, So, Jon Cormier, Back, Jr, Dean Grass, Back, So, Josh Palmeter, Midfield, Jr, Tyler Welch, Midfield, So; Central Aroostook: Dane Kingsbury, Midfield, Sr; Easton: Drew Sotomayor, Forward, Sr; Fort Fairfield: Chris Giberson, Midfield, Jr, Ryan Player, Midfield, Jr; Penobscot Valley: Grant Doane, Forward, Sr, Jarrett Priest, Back, Sr, Thomas Spencer, Midfield, Sr; Schenck: Justin Thompson, Keeper, Jr; Washburn: Noah Caron, Forward, Sr.

Southern Maine Class A

Bonny Eagle: Ryan Moody, Forward, Jr; Cheverus: Mackenzie Hoglund, Midfield, Sr, Andrei Vile, Back, Sr; Deering: Jonathan Bujambi, Midfield, Sr; Falmouth: Jack Engelberger, Back, Sr, Jonah Spiegel, Back, Jr; Gorham: Trenton Bassingthwaite, Keeper, Sr, Cody Elliot, Midfield, Sr, Jackson Fotter, Forward, Jr; Portland: Erick Molina, Back, Sr; Scarborough: Matt Caron, Forward, Sr, Garrett King, Midfield, Jr; South Portland: Ahmed Suja, Midfield, Sr; Thornton Academy: Dalton Moore, Midfield, Sr, Simon Trcka, Forward, Sr.

Southern Maine Class B

Cape Elizabeth: Connor Thoreck, Forward, Jr; Gray-New Gloucester: Bryce Hayman, Midfield, Jr, John Henry Villanueva, Keeper, Jr; Greely: Jacob Nason, Forward, Sr, Lucas Watt, Midfield, Sr; Maranacook: Chris Beckwith, Back, Sr, Jason Brooks, Back, Sr; Hayden Elwell, Back, Jr, Kent Mohlar, Midfield, Sr; Mountain Valley: Aleksi Pirttijoki, Midfield, Sr; Wells: Liam Bell, Forward, So; Yarmouth: Henry Coolidge, Midfield, Jr, Patrick Grant, Midfield, Sr, Jon Groothoff, Forward, Sr, Luke Groothoff, Midfield, So.

Southern Maine Class C

Carrabec: Nicholas Sansone Jr., Midfield, Sr; Hall-Dale: Tylor Dubois, Midfield, Sr, Alex Guiou, Back, Sr; Lisbon: Austin Bedford, Midfield, Sr; Monmouth Academy: Gage Cote, Forward, Sr, Hunter Richardson, Midfield, Jr; North Yarmouth Academy: Bobby Murray, Midfield, Jr, Thomas Pitts, Forward, Sr; Sacopee Valley: Devin Day, Midfield, Sr; St. Dominic’s: Ryan Lutrzyukowski, Midfield, Sr; Waynflete: Milo Belleau, Keeper, Sr, Willy Burdick, Back, Sr.

Southern Maine Class D

Buckfield: Zack Grover, Back, So, Ethan Jackson, Midfield, So, Sidney Jackson, Forward, Sr, Jon Randolph, Forward, Sr, Hunter Wiley, Midfield, Sr; Chop Point: Asa Merrill, Back, So, Jasser Saenz, Forward, Sr; Greater Portland Christian: David Davol, Back, Sr, Ethan Spaulding, Forward, Jr; Greenville: Evan Bjork, Keeper, So, Connor DiAngelo, Back, So, Noah Pratt, Forward, So; Richmond: Tyler Soucy, Back, Sr, Nathan Vintinner, Back, Sr; Searsport: Barrett Grant, Back, Jr, Connor Kneeland, Forward, So, Cody Parks, Midfield, Sr; Valley: Collin MIller, Midfield, Sr; Vinalhaven: Lewis Cray, Back, Sr.


Northern Maine Class A

Bangor: Sarah Bragg, Midfield, Sr, Emily Gilmore, Keeper, Sr, Grace Morris, Midfield, Jr; Brewer: Cassie Brown, Back, So, Gretchen Wright, Forward, Jr; Brunswick: Maeve Arthur, Forward, So, Molly Gramins, Back, Sr, Lena Martin, Midfield, Sr; Camden Hills: Emma Gutheinz, Forward, Sr, Charlotte Messer, Midfield, Jr, Jana Spieker, Keeper, Jr; Edward Little: Sarah Hammond, Back, Sr, Emily Jacques, Midfield, Sr; Hampden Academy: Brianna Cote, Midfield, Sr, Lewiston: Morgan Eliasen, Back, Jr, Adela Kaliwa, Midfield, Sr; Mt. Ararat: Torri Pelletier, Midfield, Sr; Mt. Blue: Eryn Doiron, Forward, Sr.

Northern Maine Class B

Caribou: Maddie Doucette, Forward, Jr, Eileen Patton, Midfield, Sr; Hermon: Alex Allain, Forward, So. Morgan Buck, Midfield, Sr, Brianna Saulter, Midfield, Jr; Mount Desert Island: Opal Curless, Forward, Sr, Page Mason, Back, Jr; Oceanside: Jillian Brooks, Midfield, Jr, Makenna Brooks, Forward, Sr, Lauren Hatch, Back, Jr; Presque Isle: Jillian Flynn, Keeper, Sr, Tori Koch, Back, Jr; Madison Michaud, Forward, Fr, Taylor Williams, Midfield, Sr; Waterville: Jordan Jabar, Midfield, Jr, Fotini Shanos, Forward, Sr.

Northern Maine Class C

Central: Sydney Allen, Forward, So; Dexter: Skyler Theodore, Midfield, Sr; Fort Kent: Sadie Desjardins, Back, Sr; George Stevens Academy: Morgan Dauk, Forward, Jr; Houlton: Katie Condon, Midfield, Sr, Chelsea Gentle, Back, Sr, Natalie Hill, Forward, Sr; Orono: Brinsley Chasse, Midfield, Jr, Aashild Fritton, Forward, Jr, Jordan Hernandez, Back, Sr, Becky Lopez-Anido, Forward, Jr, Katelyn Richards, Keeper, Jr; Washington Academy: River Hodgdon, Midfield, Jr.

Northern Maine Class D

Ashland: Mackenzie Carter, Forward, So, Savannah Flint, Forward, Sr, Caitlin Paradis, Midfield, Sr, Cassidy Pelletier, Back, Jr; Central Aroostook: Karli Levesque, Forward, Sr; Fort Fairfield: Kayla Giberson, Back, Sr, Chelsey Pelkey, Forward, Sr; Madawaska: Gabby Cyr, Back, Jr, Chelsea Daigle, Midfield, Sr, Hannah Nadeau, Midfield, So; Penobscot Valley: Ryley Buck, Midfield, So, Amy Hallett, Forward, Sr, Sami Ireland, Keeper, Sr, Arianna McKinnon, Forward, Sr; Schenck: Emma Alley, Forward, Jr, Kayla Falone, Back, Sr; Washburn: Emmy Chruchill, Midfield, Sr.

Southern Maine Class A

Deering: Simone Lauture, Forward, Sr; Falmouth: Tyler Spence, Midfield, Sr; Gorham: Cady Houghton, Back, Sr, Narissa Libby, Back, Jr; Marshwood: Marin Smith, Forward, So, Hailey Tarr, Back, Sr; Portland: Chessa Hoekstra, Midfield, Sr; Sanford: Vanessa Hodge, Forward, Jr; Scarborough: Mary Farnkoff, Midfield, Sr, Elise O’Reilly, Back, Sr, Emma Smith, Back, Sr; Thornton Academy: Lexi Nason Keeper, Sr; Windham: Ciera Berthiaume, Forward, Sr, Maggie Symonds, Midfield, So.

Southern Maine Class B

Cape Elizabeth: Sierra Aceto, Back, Sr, Montana Braxton, Midfield, Sr, Kate Breed, Forward, Sr, Mariah Deschino, Forward, Jr; Gray New Gloucester: Kaelyn Woods, Forward, Sr; Greely: Izzy Hutnak, Forward, Sr, Jocelyn Mitiguy, Midfield, Sr, Maggie Reed, Back, Sr, Ellie Schad, Midfield, Jr; Leavitt: Liliana Cousineau, Forward, Sr, Angela Daigle, Keeper, Sr; Amanda Poulin, Midfield, Sr; Lincoln Academy: Olivia York, Forward, Sr; Morse: Amanda Gagne, Midfield, Jr, Emma Rossetti, Back, Sr; Oak Hill: Hannah Nadeau, Back, Jr; Yarmouth: Sarah D’Appolonia, Midfield, So; York: Payton Humphrey, Back, So, Sierra Swasey, Back, Sr, Shannon Todd, Back, Sr.

Southern Maine Class C

Hall-Dale: Lilly Ly, Forward, Sr, Dani Sweet, Back, Sr, Thea Sweet, Forward, Sr; Lisbon: Deliah Schreiber, Forward, Sr, Alexandra Sult, Keeper, Jr; Madison: Kayla Bess, Forward, Sr, Madeline Wood, Midfield, Jr; Monmouth Academy: Haley Fletcher, Forward, Jr, Sammy Grandahl, Midfield, Sr; North Yarmouth Academy: Emily Baker, Forward, Sr; Sacopee Valley: Jade Jordan, Back, Sr, McKenzie Murphy, Midfield, Jr, Courtney Ryan, Forward, Sr; St. Dominic: Avery Lutrzykowski, Forward, Fr, Tia Rotolico, Midfield, Sr; Waynflete: Arianna Giguere, Forward, Sr.

Southern Maine Class D

Buckfield: Alexis Bennett, Back, Sr, Brianna Damon, Forward, Sr; Greenville: Charlotte Aucoin, Back, So, Shelby Ward, Forward, Sr; Richmond: Autumn Acord, Midfield, Sr, Kelsea Anair, Forward, Sr, Cassidy Harriman, Back, Jr, Camryn Hurley, Midfield, Jr, Meranda Martin, Midfield, Jr; Searsport: Lilah Chaar, Back, Sr, Karigen Coffin, Forward, Jr, Melinda Ogden, Midfield, Sr; Vinalhaven: Gilleyanne David-Oakes, Keeper, So, Deja Doughty, Forward, So, Maddie Hallowell, Midfield, Sr.

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Coaches Who Have Voted in the All-Star Process


Class A North – Bill Shannon, Bangor; Ben Poland, Brewer; Mark Roma, Brunswick; Ryan Hurley, Camden Hills; Jon Millett, Cony; Matthew Andreasen, Edward Little; Josh Stevens, Hampden Academy; Bob Towne, Lawrence; Michael McGraw, Lewiston; Tom Sheridan, Messalonskee; Jack Rioux, Mt. Ararat; Joel Smith, Mt. Blue; Dillon Clark, Skowhegan

Class A South – Laurence Burmingham, Biddeford; Larry Robertson, Bonny Eagle; Colin Minte, Cheverus; Joel Costigan, Deering; David Halligan, Falmouth; Tim King, Gorham; Bruce Peloquin, Kennebunk; Ben Deschene, Marshwood; Matt Foster, Noble; Rocco Frenzilli, Portland; Tim Fecteau, Sanford; Bryan Hoy, South Portland; Andrew Carlson, Thornton Academy; Greg Cavanaugh, Westbrook; Wally LeBlanc, Windham

Class B North – Kyle Corrigan, Caribou; Brian Higgins, Ellsworth; Phil Hubbard, Erskine Academy; Luis Ayala, Foxcroft Academy; Harry Dieuveiul, Hermon; Sean Smith, John Bapst; Tyler Frank, MDI; Ryan Middleswart, Nokomis; Matt Petrie, Oceanside; Mark Graffam, Old Town; Joe Greaves, Presque Isle; Kerry Serdjenian, Waterville; Aaron Wolfe, Winslow

Class B South – Ben Raymond, Cape Elizabeth; Joe Heathco, Freeport; Tim Atwood, Fryeburg; Andy Higgins, Gray New Gloucester; Michael Andreasen, Greely; Don Beckwith, Maranacook; Chuck Reece, Morse; James Taylor, Mountain Valley, Mike Hagerty, Yarmouth; Mike Masi, York

Class C North – Matt Morrison, Bucksport; Paul Speed, Central; Andrew Bermudez, Dexter; Tim Desjardins, Fort Kent; Mark Ensworth, GSA; Caleb Bryon, Houlton; Randy Harris, Lee Academy; Jon Hamilton, Limestone/MSSM; Aaron Ward, Mattanawcook Academy; Waldo Caballero, Orono; Travis Ellis, Penquis; John Riitano, Piscataquis; Rick Dube, Sumner; Chris Gardner, Washington Academy

Class C South – Paul Vinceire, Carrabec; David Buck, Dirigo; Andy Haskell, Hall-Dale; Dan Sylvester, Lisbon; Joe Fletcher, Monmouth Academy; Martyn Keen, Darren Allen, Mt. Abram; North Yarmouth Academy; Michael Lane, Sacopee Valley; Marty Bressler, St. Dom’s; Don Gagnon, Traip Academy; Brandon Salway, Waynflete; Chris Cossette, Wiscasset

Class D North – Trevor Hews, Ashland; Aaron Wilcox, Bangor Christian; Cody Tompkins, Central Aroostook; Ryan Shaw, Easton; Phil Faulkner, Katahdin; Jeremy Durost, Penobscot Valley; Frank Clukey, Schenck; Ben Brigham, Shead; Steve Lapierre, Van Buren; Ben Goodwin, Washburn

Class D South – Dan Suarez, A R Gould; Kyle Rines, Buckfield; Christopher Spaulding, Greater Portland Christian; Bill Foley, Greenville; Peter Gardner, Richmond; John Frye, Searsport; Eric Larsen, Temple Academy; Adam Farnham, Valley; Richard Carlsen, Vinalhaven


Class A North – Joe Johnson, Bangor; David Hamel, Brewer; Martyn Davison, Brunswick; Meredith Messer, Camden Hills; Jeff Hersey, Cony; Craig Latuscha, Edward Little; Liis Emajoe, Hampden Academy; Pete Spears, Lawrence; Brant Remington, Lewiston; Sam Chard, Mt. Ararat; Fred Conlogue, Mt. Blue; Chad Truman, Oxford Hills

Class A South – Darren Boynton, Biddeford; Craig Roberts, Cheverus; Kevin Olson, Deering; Andrew Pelletier, Falmouth; Jeanne Zarrilli, Gorham; Chelsea Watson, Marshwood; Hallie Hawkes, Massabesic; Arthur Mosen, Portland; Michael Farley, Scarborough; Chris Coleman, Sanford; Chris Kohl, Thornton Aademy; Deb Label, Windham

Class B North – Chris LaValle, Belfast; Todd Albert, Caribou; Katye Lacasse, Ellsworth; Ryan Nored, Erskine Academy; Chris Wesley, Foxcroft Academy; M J Ball, Hermon; Jenn Plourde, John Bapst; Larry Jensen, Medomak Valley; May Dow, MDI; David Page, Mount View; Darryl Townsend, Oceanside; Michael May, Old Town; Ralph Michaud, Presque Isle; Christine Bright, Waterville; Steve Bodge, Winslow

Class B South – Craig Fannan, Cape Elizabeth; John Atwood, Fryeburg Academy; Kiaran McCormick, Gray New Gloucester; Peter Webb, Lake Region; Chris Cifelli, Leavitt; Donovan York, Lincoln Academy; Steve Boyce, Morse; Lynn Gould, Mountain Valley; Doug Cottis, Wells; Richard Smith, Yarmouth; Wally Caldwell, York

Class C North – Michael Garcelon, Bucksport; Greg Smith, Calais; Rick Speed, Central; Jody Grant, Dexter; Robby Nadeau, Fort Kent; Steve Bemiss, GSA; Tim Tweedie, Houlton; Becky West, Limestone/MSSM; Ashley Sabattis, Lee Academy; Stephanie Dubay, Mattanawcook Academy; Cid Dyjak, Orono; Dawn MacLaughlin, Penquis; Joe Gallant, Piscataquis; Vinny Emery, Washington Academy

Class C South – Kevin Prevost, Dirigo; Guy Cousins, Hall-Dale; Jake Gentle, Lisbon; Erin Wood/Michael Walsh, Madison; Gary Trafton, Monmouth Academy; Josh Thornton, North Yarmouth Academy; Heath Floyd, Old Orchard Beach; Kevin Murphy, Sacopee Valley; Alicia Pelletier, St. Dom’s; Kristin O’Neill, Traip Academy; Tood Dominski, Waynflete; Jaynelle Smith, Winthrop;

Class D North – Peter Belskis, Ashland; Darryl Peary, Bangor Christian; Joe Levesque, Central Aroostook; Tom Towle, Fort Fairfield; Lisa Timberlake, Katahdin; Dan Cyr, Madawaska; Ryan Reed, Penobscot Valley; Michelle Hatch, Schenck; Dana Bowen, Shead; Holly Vining, Southern Aroostook; Steve Giangiardano, Van Buren; Marcie Barbarula, Washburn; Ryan Lincoln, Woodland

Class D South – Larry Thornton, Buckfield; Christine Jones, Greater Portland Christian; Cindy Obrey, Greenville; Troy Kendrick, Richmond; R J Robertson, Searsport; Scott Lawyerson, Valley; Susan Philbrick, Vinalhaven

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Important Dates and Deadlines to consider for 2015


July 27th -First practice for Harvest Teams.

August 3rd – August 16th  – Hands-off period (Sports Season Policy)

Coaches should download a copy of the MPA Soccer Bulletin from the MPA Website (see “Soccer Links” on home page)


August 14th – First countable game for Harvest Teams (after 3:00 pm)

August 17th – First Practice.

August 21st – First Inter-school Scrimmage (after 5 days of conditioning).


September 4th – First Countable Game (after 3:00 p.m.)

September 11th – Membership Dues to President.

Weekend of September 14th – Email explaining and starting the Nomination Process sent out to coaches.

September 28th – 1st Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches nominate up to five of their own players using this formNominations due by Monday, September 28th.


Week of October 7th – 2nd Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches receive via email the Nominations Sheets and Ballot for the voting process.

October 19th – All-Star Ballots are sent to the Regional Vice-Presidents via email.

October 20th – Last Countable Game.

October 21st On-line voting begins for Sportsmanship Banner (one week to vote)

October 23rd – *Girls’ (and Boys’ Class D) Regional Prelims.

October 24th – Boys’ Regional Prelims.

Week of October 26th – V.P.’s tally ballots and send results to President by Friday, October 30th. Also Sportsmanship Award voting will take place with each team’s coaches and players selecting three teams that will be submitted to the School’s A.D who will email the choices to the MPA Office. Sportsmanship Banners will be awarded to receiving teams at State Championship venues.

October 27th – Girls’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 28th – Boys’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 30th  – *Girls’ and Boys’ Class C and D Semi Finals.

October 31st  – *Girls’ and Boys’ Class A and B Semi Finals.


November 2rd – Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams are posted on the website.  Senior All-Stars who plan to attend the 20th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl will email the President at

Week of November 2nd –  All-America/All-New England Ballots are sent to coaches via email.

November 4th – Regional Finals All Classes.

November 7th – State Finals: Class A & B – Fitzpatrick Stadium    Class C & D – Presque Isle Middle School

November 10th – Final RSVP date for Senior All-Stars attending Senior Bowl.

November 15th – 21st Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl at Hampden Academy. Boy’s game is at 12:00 noon and the Girl’s game is at 2:30 p.m. Seniors will receive invitations for 42nd Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet.

November 17th – All America/All New England ballot due to President via email (Ballot may be hand delivered to President by coaches who attend the Senior Bowl on Sunday).

Week of November 16th – Invitations to the 41st Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet are emailed to coaches and mailed to Regional All-Stars.

*May move the 10/24 game to 10/25 and the 10/31 game to 11/1 by mutual agreement.

**Potential SAT conflict.


December 6th – 41st Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet at the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor.

Note: These important dates and deadlines are under “Calendar and Events” on the Maine Soccer Coaches Website –

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2015 NFHS Soccer Rules Changes

3-3-3(e) New: Since the clock is stopped when bench personnel are cautioned or disqualified, substitutes from both teams who have already reported may be beckoned by the referee and may enter the field of play. Previously, there was no provision for substitutes to enter the field of play during this type of stoppage.

4-1-1(h)3: Currently, the jersey of the goalkeeper must be distinctly different in color from his/her teammates and opposing field players. To differentiate opponents, it is important that the goalkeeper’s socks be included in this rule. Therefore, the goalkeeper’s socks must differ in color from the opposing field players.

Points of Emphasis

1. Heat Acclimatization and Safety Priorities

  • Recognize that Exertional Heatstroke (EHS) is the leading preventable cause of death among high school athletes.
  • Know the importance of a formal pre-season heat acclamation plan.
  • Know the importance of having and implementing a specific hydration plan, keeping your athletes well-hydrated, and encouraging and providing opportunities for regular fluid replacement.
  • Know the importance of appropriately modifying activities in relation to the environmental heat stress and contributing individual risk factors (e.g., illness, obesity) to keep you athletes safe and performing well.
  • Know the importance for all members of the coaching staff to closely monitor all athletes during practice and training in the heat, and recognize the signs and symptoms of developing heat illnesses.
  • Know the importance of, and resources for, establishing an emergency action plan and promptly implementing it in case of suspected EHS or other medical emergency.

2. Fighting/Reckless Play – Players, coaches, game officials and spectators must work together to model and demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play, to minimize risk and to maximize participation.

3. Tape or Similar Materials on Socks – If tape or a similar material (stays/straps) is applied externally to the socks, it must be of similar color as that part of the sock to which it is applied. (Home tape/stays/straps = white, Away tape/stays/straps = similar color of socks)

4. Communication – Game officials are encouraged to effectively communicate with one another as well as with players and coaches throughout the game.

5. Goal Kick – Players opposing the kicker shall remain outside of the penalty area until the ball has cleared the penalty area.

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NSCAA 2016 National Convention

2016 Convention in Baltimore is coming soon! Billed as “The World’s Largest Annual Gathering of Soccer Coaches,” each year the NSCAA Convention draws approximately 4,000 coaches from our 30,000-plus members, and more than 10,000 attendees over five days for live field demonstration and lecture sessions, networking socials, coaching diplomas and more!. Save the Date for the 2016 NSCAA Convention: For the Love of the Game. This event will be held in Baltimore, January 13-17. Registration will open this summer as we reveal schedule and presenter information. For more information go to:

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Uniform Color Rule

National Federation Soccer Rule 4, Section 1 is in effect.  The home team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks and the visiting team shall wear solid dark jerseys and socks.  Both socks must be the same color

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Coaching Requirements for 2015

Mandatory Rules Clinics – There will be mandatory rules clinics held in soccer this fall. Each high school program (boys and girls) must have a coach or athletic administrator attend one of these mandatory meeting. All coaches must sign in to be credited with attendance. The 8/16 meeting at Gorham Middle School will utilize the Tandberg System and a list of Distance Learning Sites is provided below:

Date Site Time
August 2 Ellsworth H.S. 7:00pm
August 6 Northern Maine Comm. College 7:00pm
August 9 Edward Little H.S. 5:00pm
August 12 Lawrence H.S. 6:00pm
August 16 *Gorham M.S. 5:00pm
August 17 Wiscasset H.S. 7:00pm
August 23 Husson College 6:00pm
Distance Learning Sites
Hampden Academy
Houlton H.S.
Katahdin H.S.
Oxford Hills Comprehensive H.S.
Piscataquis Community H.S.
Washington Academy
Wisdom H.S.
Woodland H.S.
*Will utilize the Tandberg Equipment


Each coach must complete the NFHS “Concussion in Sport – What You Need to Know” video that is available at the NFHS website (


Each coach must complete the NFHS “A Guide to Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention” video that is available at the NFHS website (

Prior to their return to the sideline any coach ejected from a game must complete the NFHS “Teaching and Modeling Behavior” video that is available at the NFHS website (

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