Calendar and Events


July 23th – First practice for Harvest Teams.

July 30th – August 12th  – Hands-off period (Sports Season Policy)

July 30th -State and National Dues Email sent out to Coaches and Athletic Directors

Coaches should download a copy of the MPA Soccer Bulletin from the MPA Website (see “Soccer Links” on home page)


August 10th – First countable game for Harvest Teams (after 3:00 pm)

August 13th – First Practice.

August 17th – First Inter-school Scrimmage (after 5 days of conditioning).

August 30th – First Countable Game (after 3:00 p.m.)


Week of September 10th – Email explaining and starting the Regional All-Star Nomination Process sent out to Coaches and Athletic Directors.

September 17th – Membership Dues to President (Michael Jeffrey, 8 Somerset St., Bangor ME 04401)

September 24th – 1st Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches nominate up to five of their own players using this form.  Nominations due by Monday, September 24th.


Week of October 8th – 2nd Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches receive via email the Nominations Sheets and Ballot for the voting process.

October 12th – Recommended Officials Due.

October 15th – All-Star Ballots are sent to the Regional Vice-Presidents via email.

October 16th – Last Countable Game.

October 17th – On-line voting begins for Sportsmanship Banner. Ballots due Midnight on October 23rd.

October 19th – *Boys’ (and Girls’ Class D) Regional Prelims.

October 20th – Girls’ Regional Prelims.

Week of October 22nd – V.P.’s tally ballots and send results to President by Friday, October 26th. Also Sportsmanship Award voting will take place with each team’s coaches and players selecting three teams that will be submitted to the School’s A.D who will email the choices to the MPA Office. Sportsmanship Banners will be awarded to receiving teams at State Championship venues.

October 23rd – Sportsmanship Ballot due from ADs by Midnight on October 23rd.

October 23rd – Boys’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 24th – Girls’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 26th  – *Girls’ and Boys’ Class C and D Semi Finals.

October 27th  – Girls’ and Boys’ Class B and A Semi Finals.

October 31st  – Regional Finals All Classes


November 1st – Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams are posted on the website.  Senior All-Stars who plan to attend the 24th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl will email the President at

November 2nd  –  All-America/All-New England Ballots are sent to coaches via email.

November 3rd – ^State Finals Class A & D: Site TBD  Class B & C: Site TBD

November 10th – Final RSVP date for Senior All-Stars attending Senior Bowl.

November 11th – 24th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl. Site TBD. Boy’s game is at 12:00 noon and the Girl’s game is at 2:30 p.m. Seniors will receive invitations for 45th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet.

November 12th – All America/All New England ballot due to President via email (Ballot may be hand delivered to President by coaches who attend the Senior Bowl on Sunday).

Week of November 13th – Invitations to the 44th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet are emailed to coaches and mailed to Regional All-Stars.

*May move the 10/19 game to 10/20 and the 10/26 game to 10/27 by mutual agreement.

**Potential SAT conflict.

Note: State Championship game will rotate from a Southern Maine to Northern Maine site every year with a 5th year of rotation looking to schedule games at an Aroostook County location.


December 2nd– 45th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet at the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor at 1:00 pm. Annual Maine Soccer Coaches Meeting begins at 11:00 a.m.