Calendar and Events

Coaches should download a copy of the MPA Soccer Bulletin from the MPA Website (see “Soccer Links” on home page)


July 29th – First practice for Harvest Teams.

July 30th – State and National Dues Email sent out to Coaches and Athletic Directors


August 5 – 18 – Hands-off Period (Sport Season Policy)

August 16th – First countable game for Harvest Teams (after 3:00 pm)

August 19th – First Practice.

August 23rd – First Inter-school Scrimmage (after 5 days of conditioning).


September 5th – First Countable Game (after 3:00 p.m.)

Week of September 10th – Email explaining and starting the Regional All-Star Nomination Process sent out to Coaches and Athletic Directors.

September 20th – Membership Dues to President (Michael Jeffrey, 8 Somerset St., Bangor ME 04401) Membership Form

September 27th – 1st Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches nominate up to five of their own players using this form.  Nominations due by Friday, September 27th.


Week of October 7th – 2nd Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches receive via email the Nominations Sheets and Ballot for the voting process.

October 18th – Recommended Officials Due.

October 21st – 25th – On-line voting begins for Sportsmanship Banner (One week to vote).

October 22nd – Last Countable Game.

October 23rd – Voting for Regional All-Stars via Google Form due.

October 25th – *Girls’ (and Boys’ Class D) Regional Prelims.

October 26th – Boys’ Regional Prelims.

October 25th – Sportsmanship Ballot due from ADs by Midnight.

October 29th – Girls’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 30th – Boys’ Regional Quarter Finals.


November 1st  – *Boys’ and Girls’ Class C and D Semi Finals.

November 1st – Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams are posted on the website.  Senior All-Stars who plan to attend the 25th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl will email the President at

November 2nd  – Boys’ and Girls’ Class A and B Semi Finals.

November 2nd  –  All-America/All-New England Ballots are sent to coaches via email.

November 5th – *Class A and C Regional Finals (Boys 4:00/ Girls 6:30)

Class A North – Bath (McMahon Field)

Class C North – Presque Isle MS (Gehrig T. Johnson Field)

Class A South – Biddeford (Waterhouse Field)

Class C South – Lewiston High School

November 6th – *Class B and D Regional Finals (Boys 4:00/Girls 6:30)

Class B North – Hampden Academy

Class D North – Presque Isle MS (Gehrig T. Johnson Field)

Class B South – Biddeford (Waterhouse Field)

Class D South – Lewiston High School

November 9th – ^State Finals Class A & D: North Site – Hampden Academy/Class B & C: South Site – Falmouth High School

November 16th – Final RSVP date for Senior All-Stars attending Senior Bowl.

November 17th – 25th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl at Thomas College. Seniors will receive invitations for 46th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet.

November 18th – All America/All New England ballot due to President via email (Ballot may be hand delivered to President by coaches who attend the Senior Bowl on Sunday).

Week of November 18th – Invitations to the 44th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet are emailed to Coaches and All-Stars.

*May move the 10/25 game to 10/26 and the 11/1 game to 11/2 by mutual agreement.

**Potential SAT conflict.

Note: State Championship game will rotate from a Southern Maine to Northern Maine site every year with a 5th year of rotation looking to schedule games at an Aroostook County location.


December 8th– 46th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet at the Anna Shrine Temple on Broadway Avenue in Bangor. Girl’s Banquet begins at 12 Noon with registration starting at 11:00. Boy’s Banquet will follow at 3:30 with registration beginning at 2:30 (note: the new site is because the Spectacular Event Center has closed for business).