2019 Important Dates and Deadlines

Coaches should download a copy of the MPA Soccer Bulletin from the MPA Website (see “Soccer Links” for easy access)


July 29th – First practice for Harvest Teams.

July 30th – State and National Dues Email sent out to Coaches and Athletic Directors


August 5th – 18th – Hands-off Period (Sport Season Policy)

August 16th – First countable game for Harvest Teams (after 3:00 pm)

August 19th – First Practice.

August 23rd – First Inter-school Scrimmage (after 5 days of conditioning).


September 5th – First Countable Game (after 3:00 p.m.)

Week of September 10th – Email explaining and starting the Regional All-Star Nomination Process sent out to Coaches and Athletic Directors.

September 20th – Membership Dues to President (Michael Jeffrey, 8 Somerset St., Bangor ME 04401) Membership Form

September 30th – 1st Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches nominate up to five of their own players by submitting a Google Nomination Form received via email.  Nominations due by Monday, September 30th.


Week of October 7th – 2nd Step of the All-Star Process. Coaches receive via email the Nominations Sheets and Google Form Ballot for the voting process.

October 18th – Recommended Officials Due.

October 21st – 25th – On-line voting begins for Sportsmanship Banner (One week to vote).

October 22nd – Last Countable Game.

October 23rd – Voting for Regional All-Stars via Google Form due.

October 25th – *Girls’ (and Boys’ Class D) Regional Prelims.

October 26th – Boys’ Regional Prelims.

October 25th – Sportsmanship Ballot due from ADs by Midnight.

October 29th – Girls’ Regional Quarter Finals.

October 30th – Boys’ Regional Quarter Finals.


November 1st  – *Boys’ and Girls’ Class C and D Semi Finals.

November 1st – Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams are posted on the website.  Senior All-Stars who plan to attend the 25th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl will email the President at mjeffrey@breweredu.org

November 2nd  – Boys’ and Girls’ Class A and B Semi Finals.

November 4th  –  All-America/All-New England Ballots are sent to coaches via email.

November 5th – *Class A and C Regional Finals (Boys 4:00/ Girls 6:30)

Class A North – Bath (McMahon Field)

Class C North – Presque Isle MS (Gehrig T. Johnson Field)

Class A South – Biddeford (Waterhouse Field)

Class C South – Lewiston High School

November 6th – *Class B and D Regional Finals (Boys 4:00/Girls 6:30)

Class B North – Hampden Academy

Class D North – Presque Isle MS (Gehrig T. Johnson Field)

Class B South – Biddeford (Waterhouse Field)

Class D South – Lewiston High School

November 9th – ^State Finals Class A & D: North Site – Hampden Academy/Class B & C: South Site – Falmouth High School

November 16th – Final RSVP date for Senior All-Stars attending Senior Bowl.

November 17th – 25th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl at Thomas College. Seniors will receive invitations for 46th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet.

November 18th – All America/All New England ballot due to President via email (Ballot may be hand delivered to President by coaches who attend the Senior Bowl on Sunday).

Week of November 18th – Invitations to the 44th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet are emailed to Coaches and All-Stars.

*May move the 10/25 game to 10/26 and the 11/1 game to 11/2 by mutual agreement.

**Potential SAT conflict.

Note: State Championship game will rotate from a Southern Maine to Northern Maine site every year with a 5th year of rotation looking to schedule games at an Aroostook County location.


December 8th–46th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet at the Anna Shrine Temple on Broadway Avenue in Bangor. Girl’s Banquet begins at 12 Noon with registration starting at 11:00. Boy’s Banquet will follow at 3:30 with registration beginning at 2:30 (note: the new site is because the Spectacular Event Center has closed for business).

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2019 NFHS Soccer Rules Changes



Adopted by NFHS on May 17, 2019

3-4-3 NEW: The clock shall be stopped when a substitute by the team in the lead is beckoned on the field in the final five minutes of the second period only.

Rationale: Rule affected by change in 7-4-3.


4-3: Improperly Equipped Players (18-1-1u)

Cautions will not be issued for improperly equipped player(s).

If not immediately correctable, improperly equipped player(s) shall be instructed to leave the field of play when the ball next ceases to be in play. The player(s) may be replaced. The removed player(s), if not replaced, may re-enter at the next dead ball only after reporting to an official, who shall be satisfied the player’s equipment and uniform are in order. Play shall not be stopped for an infringement of this rule except that the referee may stop play immediately where there is a dangerous situation.

Rationale: The change corrects an injustice.  For the far more serious infringement of illegal equipment, the offending team does not play shorthanded.  For the less serious offense of improper equipment, they are required to play shorthanded.  The change addresses this inequity.


5-3-1d: The officials shall:

(d) call out “play on” and, with an underswing of one or both arms, indicate a foul which was observed but shall go unpenalized because penalizing the offending team would give an advantage to the offending team.  If the referee applies the advantage, which was anticipated but does not develop at that time, the referee shall penalize the original offense.

Rationale: This change permits the use of one arm to signal advantage.


7-4-3 NEW: The clock shall be stopped when a substitute by the team in the lead is beckoned onto the field in the final five minutes of the second period only.

Rationale: Coaches in the lead will make multiple substitutions in the later stages of the match.  This tactic is being used as a time-wasting ploy.  Adding this rule will help the game to be decided by the players and not a coach who is wasting time when in the lead.  These substitutes are usually players from the far side of the field that take more time off the clock.  This addition would stop this practice.


9-2-1: The game is restarted with a drop ball:

a. when the ball is caused to go out of bounds by two opponents simultaneously;

b. when the ball becomes deflated;

c. following temporary suspension of play for an injury or unusual situation and a goalkeeper is not in possession of the ball

d. when simultaneous fouls of the same degree occur by opponents.

Rationale: This rule changes the awarding of a free kick to a drop ball thereby possibly creating a scoring opportunity for a team undeserving.


9-2-3: The ball is dropped by an official from waist level to the ground. Any number of players may contest a dropped ball (including the goalkeepers); a referee cannot decide who may contest a dropped ball or its outcome.

Rationale: This addition helps to provide clarity in the application of this rule.


9-2-5 NEW: ART. 5 . . . The ball shall be dropped again if it touches a player before it touches the ground or leaves the field of play after it touches the ground without touching a player.

Rationale: This addition helps to avoid confusion and allow the rule to be more equitable under the circumstances.


9-2-6 NEW:ART. 6 . . . If a dropped ball enters the goal without touching at least two players, play is restarted with a goal kick if it enters the opponent’s goal or a corner kick if it enters the team’s own goal.

Rationale:This addition helps to avoid confusion and allow the rule to be more equitable under the circumstances.


9-3: In case of a temporary suspension due to injury or any unusual situation the game shall be started by a drop ball at the point where the ball was when the play was suspended (except as noted in 14-1-7), provided the ball was not in the goal area and not in the possession of the goalkeeper.  12-8-2

Rationale: This change will eliminate free kick opportunities that often create scoring opportunities that are not deserved.


Points of Emphasis

  1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention.
  2. Pre-game Communication Between the School Administration and Game Officials.
  3. Official’s Communicating Misconduct with Coaches.
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Coaching Requirements for 2019

MANDATORY RULES CLINICS: There will not be a mandatory rules clinic held in soccer this fall. A power point will be provided for all coaches to watch. The process for all coaches to verify that they have viewed the rules clinic is being developed.
*Each coach must complete the NFHS “Concussion in Sport – What You Need to Know” video that is available at the NFHS website (www.:.com).
*Each coach must complete the NFHS “A Guide to Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention” video that is available at the NFHS website (www.nfhslearn.com). *Each coach must complete the NFHS “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” video that is available at the NFHS website (www.nfhslearn.com).
*Each coach must complete the NFHS “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” video that is available at the NFHS website (www.nfhslearn.com).


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United Soccer Coaches 2019 National Convention

2020 Convention in Baltimore is coming soon! January 15th – 19th

Billed as “The World’s Largest Annual Gathering of Soccer Coaches,” each year the United Soccer Coaches Convention draws approximately 4,000 coaches from our 30,000-plus members, and more than 10,000 attendees over five days for live field demonstration and lecture sessions, networking socials, coaching diplomas and more!

When it comes to soccer events in the United States, few can parallel United Soccer Coaches Convention. No other event matches the fun, excitement and learning opportunities this annual gathering offers to soccer coaches at all levels of the game.

Whether it’s learning the basics of coaching goalkeepers or a high-level discussion of systems of play, every coach who attends will find something new to add to their soccer repertoire. And the coaching instruction is just the beginning – the four-day program is filled with unlimited opportunities to mix and mingle with some of the most prominent names on the soccer landscape.

Exhibitor Information:

Join Us at the Largest Soccer-Specific Trade Show in North America

The United Soccer Coaches invites you to exhibit us at our 2018 Annual Convention.

The exhibit portion of the Convention annually showcases more than 300 exhibitors covering 600,000 square feet, making it The Largest Soccer Trade Show in North America.

Full Registration Includes:

  • All United Soccer Coaches Convention and US Youth Soccer Workshop education sessions (Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon)
  • Unlimited access to the Exhibit Hall, including: Thursday Night’s Grand Opening and Friday’s Happy Hour
  • Registration Welcome Packet
  • T-shirt (while supplies last and sizes not guaranteed)
  • United Soccer Coaches Special Topic Diplomas and/or Certificate (Make sure to visit the Diplomas and Certificates page to view the requirements to obtain a diploma or certificate.)

For more information go to: unitedsoccercoachesconvention.org/

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Maine Soccer Coaches 45th All-Star Banquet Awards

This year the Maine Soccer Coaches is pleased to announce these special awards given at the 45th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet that took place at the Spectacular Event Center in Bangor:

Maine’s Five All Americas:


Kristina Kelly, Forward, Camden Hills High School

Madison Michaud, Forward, Presque Isle High School

Kassie Krul, Midfielder, Camden Hills High School


Andrew Rent, Forward, Gorham High School

Bilal Hersi, Forward, Lewiston High School

16 All Region Players:


Kristina Kelly, Forward, Jr, Camden Hills High School

Madison Michaud, Forward, Sr, Presque Isle High School

Kassie Krul, Midfielder, Sr, Camden Hills High School

Kaylyn Krul, Midfielder, Jr, Camden Hills High School

Prezli Piscopo, Forward, Sr, Cape Elizabeth High School

Molly Murnane, Forward, Sr, Scarborough High School

Emma Forgues, Midfielder, Sr, Gorham High School

Maria Low, Midfielder, Sr, Brewer High School


Andrew Rent, Forward, Jr, Gorham High School

Bilal Hersi, Forward, Jr. Lewiston High School

Jack Bourassa, Back, Sr, Bangor High School

Jonah Hudson, Back, Sr, Presque Isle High School

Enock Citenga, Back, Sr, Lewiston High School

Travis Nadeau, Forward, Sr, Mt. Ararat High School  

Eric LaBrie, Forward, Sr, Yarmouth High School

Alex Ezzy, Midfielder, Sr, Caribou High School

Maine Regional State Teams:


Northern Maine State Team:

Isabel Parkin Back Bangor Jr; Kristina Kelly Forward Camden Hills Jr; Kaylyn Krul Midfield Camden Hills Jr; Kassie Krul Midfield Camden Hills Sr; Anika Elias Forward Messolonskee Sr; Cecelia Dieterich Midfield Oxford Hills Jr; Annie Cooke Back Skowhegan Sr; Libby Hewes Keeper Brewer Sr; Maria Low Midfield Brewer Sr; Madison Michaud Forward Presque Isle Sr; Tessa Soloman Keeper Houlton Sr; Cymeria Robshaw Forward Penquis Valley Sr; Jenna Dugal Forward Madawaska Sr; Lexi Ireland Forward Penobscot Valley Jr; Lauren Reed Forward Penobscot Valley Sr

Southern Maine State Team:

Sydney Gillingham Keeper Bonny Eagle Sr; Hailey Koons Midfield Bonny Eagle So; Emma Gallant Forward Cheverus Jr; Jordan Wolfe Keeper Falmouth Fr; Emma Forgues Midfield Gorham Sr; Hallie Shiers Forward Gorham Sr; Sophia Martens Back Scarborough Sr; Molly Murnane Forward Scarborough Sr; Maggie Cochran Midfield Cape Elizabeth Fr; Prezli Piscopo Forward Cape Elizabeth Sr; Catriona Gould Forward Freeport Jr; Emily Martin Forward Morse Jr; Sadie Waterman Midfield Oak Hill Sr; Emily Harper Forward Maranacook Fr; Audrey Fletcher Forward Monmouth Academy Jr; Avery Lutrzykowski Forward St Dominic Academy Sr; Aaliyah Wilson Falcone Forward Winthrop Jr


Northern Maine State Team:

Jack Bourassa Back Bangor Sr; Conor O’Brien Midfield Bangor Sr; Josh Sherwood Back Bangor Sr; Enock Citenga Back Lewiston Sr; Bilal Hersi Forward Lewiston Jr; Mardoche Kikobo Back Lewiston Sr; Travis Nadeau Forward Mt. Ararat Sr; Sam Smith Forward Mt. Blue Sr; Alex Ezzy Midfield Caribou Sr; Casey Bourque Forward Gardiner Sr; Elijah Allen Midfield Mt. View Jr; Jonah Hudson Back Presque Isle Sr; Khiari Hayward Forward Washington Academy Sr; Camden Jandreau Midfield Fort Kent Sr; Reece Pelletier Keeper Fort Kent Sr; Brad McKechnie Forward Penobscot Valley Sr; Drew Hayward Forward Woodland Sr

Southern Maine State Team:

Jack Mullen Forward Cheverus Sr; Michael Nason Midfield Cheverus Sr; Tom Fitzgerald Forward Falmouth Jr; Alvaro Fuentes-Cantillina Keeper Falmouth So; Niklas Hester Midfield Falmouth Sr; Trevor Gray Keeper Gorham Sr; Cooper Lyons Midfield Gorham Sr; Andrew Rent Forward Gorham Jr; Tristan Wirth Midfield Kennebunk Sr; Mike LaSelva Midfield Marshwood Sr; Pedro Fonseca Forward Portland Sr; Keto Tchiputo Forward Portland Sr; Aleks Kaurin Midfield South Portland Sr; John O’Connor Midfield Cape Elizabeth Sr; Garrett Addison Forward Leavitt Sr; Eric LaBrie Forward Yarmouth Sr; Evan Allen Midfield Mt. Abram Jr; Ryan Baker Forward North Yarmouth Academy Sr

24th Maine Soccer Coaches Senior Bowl MVP’s


2018 AB Senior Bowl MVP from the South: Prezli Piscopo from Cape Elizabeth High School

2018 CD Senior Bowl MVP from the South:  Avery Lutzykowski from St. Dominic Academy


2018 AB Senior Bowl MVP from the South: Trevor Grey from Gorham High School

2018 CD Senior Bowl MVP from the North: Camden Jandreau from Fort Kent Community High School

Maine Soccer Coaches “Coach of the Year”


Southern Maine “Coach of the Year”: Travis Magnusson of Maranacook High School

Northern Maine “Coach of the Year”: Ryan Reed of Penobscot Valley High School


Southern Maine “Coach of the Year: Tim King of Gorham High School

Northern Maine “Coach of the Year: Jeremy Durost of Penobscot Valley High School

United Soccer Coaches Region 1 Nominees


In the “Large School” category: Michael Farley of  Scarborough High School

In the “Small School” category: Ryan Reed of Penobscot Valley School

In the “Private School” category: Rick Doyon of North Yarmouth Academy


In the “Large School” category: Tim King of Gorham High School

In the “Small School” category: Jeremy Durost of Penobscot Valley High School

In the “Private School” category: Brandon Salway of Waynflete

United Soccer Coaches Region 1 Private School Coach of Year: Bandon Salway of Waynflete School

Maine Soccer Coaches Class “Players of the Year”


Class A: Kristina Kelly of Camden Hills High School

Class B: Madison Michaud of Presque Isle High School

Class C: Emily Harper of Maranacook High School

Class D: Caitlin Kendrick of Richmond High School


Class A: Andrew Rent of Gorham High School

Class B: Eric LaBrie of Yarmouth High School

Class C: Evan Allen of Mt. Abram High School

Class D: Ryan Baker of North Yarmouth Academy

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24th Maine Soccer Annual Senior Bowl Press Release

On Sunday, November 11th, with a new venue and format, the Maine Soccer Coaches hoisted 130 seniors at the 24th edition of its’ Annual Senior Bowl. At Thomas College four games were played with the North Senior All-Stars against the South Senior All-Stars. The new format had Boys’ North AB versus South AB in the first game at 12 Noon. The second game was between the North CD All-Stars and South CD All-Stars with the two final games between the Girls’ North AB All-Stars against the South AB All-Stars and the Girls’ North CD All-Stars against the South CD All-Stars.

In first the game of the day the South AB All-Stars handled the North AB All-Stars by a 3 – 1 score. Goal scorers for the South were Eric LaBrie of Yarmouth, Jack Mullen of Cheverus, and Tristan Wirth of Kennebunk. Keto Tchiputo of Portland and Michael Nason of Cheverus added assists. Sam Smith of Mt. Blue scored the North’s goals unassisted. Keepers for the South were Trevor Gray of Gorham and Brannon Gilbert of Gray New Gloucester, and for the North the goalie was Carter Lambert of Messolonskee.

In the Boys’ CD game the North narrowly defeated the South by a 2 – 1 score. Camden Jandreau of Fort Kent scored both of the North’s goals with Grant Kidon of Penobscot Valley assisting on one of them. The goal scorer for the South was Michael Murphy of Sacopee Valley. Keeper for the North was Reece Pelletier of Fort Kent and Keegan Farnham of Valley tended the nets for the South.

In the Girls AB game the South prevailed over the North in a hard fought well-played game 1 – 0. The single goal was scored by Prelzi Piscopo of Cape Elizabeth with Molly Murnane of Scarborough assisting. Keepers in this game were Libby Hewes of Brewer for the North and for the South tending duties were shared by Taylor Henry of Mountain Valley and Sydney Gillingham of Bonny Eagle.

The final game of the day, which was the Girl’s CD game, end in a 2 – 2 tie. For the North squad the goal scorers were Camryn Rolfe of Penquis Valley and Jenna Dugal of Madawaska. Lauren Reed of Penobscot Valley and Hannah Damon of Dexter assisted on the North goals. Goal scorer for the South was Avery Lutzykowski of St Dominic with two tallies. Alice Cockerham of Mt. Abram and Caitlin Kendrick of Richmond assisted on the South’s goals. Keepers were Tessa Soloman for the South and Bess MacArthur for the North.

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2018 MPA Sportsmanship Award Winners



Class A) North – Mt. Blue, South – South Portland

Class B) North – Nokomis, South – Greely

Class C) North – Mattanawcook Academy, South – Telstar

Class D) North – Maine School of Science and Math and Woodland, South – Richmond


Class A) North –  Skowhegan, South – Marshwood

Class B) North – Waterville, South – Morse

Class C) North – Mattanawcook Academy, South – Dirigo

Class D) North – Bangor Christian, South – Vinalhaven/North Haven


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2018 Maine State Champions

Congratulations to the following State Champions:


Class A)  Camden Hills

Class B) Cape Elizabeth

Class C) Fort Kent

Class D) North Yarmouth Academy


Class A)  Lewiston

Class B) Presque Isle

Class C) Wayflete School

Class D) North Yarmouth Academy



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2018 Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Teams

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected by the coaches to a Regional All-Star Team. Any Senior on a team is invited to play in the 24th Maine Soccer Coaches Annual Senior Bowl. The four games will be played at Thomas College on Sunday, November 11th. Boy’s North AB v South AB and North CD v South CD will play at 12:00 on the two adjacent turf fields followed by Girl’s North AB v South AB and North CD v South CD at 2:30. Seniors should see their coach for details of the event. All Regional All-Stars will be invited to the 45th Maine Soccer Coaches All-Star Banquet at the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor at 1:00 pm on Sunday, December 2nd via email.


Class A North: Bangor: Jack Bourassa Sr Back, Conor O’Brien Sr Midfield, Josh Sherwood Sr Back; Brunswick: Lane Foushee So Midfield, Everett Horch Jr Forward; Edward Little: Christian Beliveau Sr Forward; Lewiston: Enock Citenga Sr Back, Bilal Hersi Jr Forward, Mardoche Kikobo Sr Back, Suab Nur Jr Midfield; Messolonskee: Carter Lambert Sr Keeper; Mt Ararat: Travis Nadeau Sr Forward, Max Spelke Sr Midfield; Mt. Blue: Sam Smith Sr Forward

Class A South: Cheverus: Jack Mullen Sr Forward, Michael Nason Sr Midfield; Falmouth: Tom Fitzgerald Jr Forward, Alvaro Fuentes-Cantillina So Keeper, Niklas Hester Sr Midfield; Gorham: Trevor Gray Sr Keeper, Cooper Lyons Sr Midfield, Andrew Rent Jr Forward; Kennebunk: Tristan Wirth Sr Midfield; Marshwood: Mike LaSelva Sr Midfield; Portland: Pedro Fonseca Sr Forward, Keto Tchiputo Sr Forward; Sanford: Kevin Voter Sr Back; South Portland: Aleks Kaurin Sr Midfield

Class B North: Brewer: Trey Baker Sr Midfield; Caribou: Cullin Caverhill Jr Forward, Parker Deprey Jr Back, Alex Ezzy Sr Midfield, Austin Findlen Sr Forward; Gardiner: Casey Bourque Sr Forward; Hermon: Isaac Varney Jr Keeper; John Bapst: Kaito Toya Jr Forward; Mt. View: Elijah Allen Jr Midfield; Old Town: Liang-Kang Lin Sr Back; Presque Isle: Jonah Hudson Sr Back; Zech Morse Sr Midfield; Washington Academy: Khiari Hayward Sr Forward; Waterville: Ben Danner Sr Midfield; Winslow: Isaac Lambrecht Sr Forward

Class B South: Cape Elizabeth: John O’Connor Sr Midfield; Freeport: Jesse Bennell Jr Midfield, Sam Larochelle Jr Back; Fryeburg Academy: Gunnar Gurnis Sr Forward; Gray New Gloucester: Brannon Gilbert Sr Keeper; Greely: Silas Cunningham Jr Forward, Chris Theodores Jr Back; Leavitt: Garrett Addison Sr Forward; Morse: Ethan Pascuzzo Sr Back; Yarmouth: John D’Appolonia Jr Back, Eric LaBrie Sr Forward, Jack Jones Sr Midfield

Class C North: Central: Yosef Worster Jr Forward, Liam Velgouse So Back; Fort Kent: Dylan Hebert So Back, Camden Jandreau Sr Midfield, Noah Martin So Midfield, Reece Pelletier Sr Keeper, Austin Plourde Sr Midfield; George Stevens Academy: Chris Bennett Sr Midfield; Houlton: Nolan Porter Sr Forward; Orono: Trent Lick Sr Forward; Penquis Valley: Jeremy Martin Sr Back: Piscataquis: Kobe Gilbert So Midfield; Sumner: Orlando Herrera Sr Midfield, Damon Warren Jr Forward

Class C South: Hall-Dale: Matt Albert Sr Midfield, Alec Byron Sr Forward; Maranacook: Aric Belanger Sr Midfield, McPhecher Carter Jr Midfield, Duncan Rogers Sr Back; Mt. Abram: Evan Allen Jr Midfield, Denny Marble Jr Back; Sacopee Valley: Michael Murphy Sr Forward; St. Dom’s: Hunter Hughes Sr Back, Jeremy Phelan Sr Midfield; Waynflete: Luca Antolini Jr Keeper, Askar Houssein Jr Forward, Patrick Shaw So Midfield; Winthrop: Rowan Goebel-Bain So Midfield

Class D North: Bangor Christian: Robbie DeRoche Sr Back; Central Aroostook: Ben Thomas Sr Midfield, Hunter Wardwell Sr Forward; Madawaska: Tristan Cyr Sr Forward, Andrew Nadeau Jr Keeper; Penobscot Valley: Reece Carter Jr Back, Zach Doore Jr Midfield, Grant Kidon Sr Forward, Brad McKechnie Sr Midfield; Schenck: Travis Thompson Sr Midfield; Van Buren: Matthew Burgess Sr Forward; Woodland: Drew Hayward Sr Forward

Class D South: Buckfield: Dylan Harvey Sr Forward, Noah Wiley Sr Midfield; Chop Point: Levi Little Sr Forward; Greater Portland Christian: Jeremy Powers Sr Midfield; Greenville: Ben Baldwin Sr Forward, Chris Caiazzo Jr Forward; Isleboro: Finn Gibson Sr Back; North Yarmouth Academy: Ryan Baker Sr Forward, Matt Gagnon Sr Back; Rangeley Lakes: Leo Perez Sr Midfield, Kenny Thompson So Forward; Richmond: Dan Stewart Sr Midfield; Searsport: Charlie Spiegel Sr Back; Temple: Will Paradis Sr Midfield, Noah Shepherd Sr Midfield, Yuma Tekada Jr Forward; Valley: Keegan Farnham Sr Keeper


Class A North: Bangor: Isabel Parkin Jr Back, Libby Spekhardt Sr Forward, Isabella Varisco Sr Midfield; Brunswick: Anna Kousky Sr Forward, Isabella Banks Jr Midfield; Camden Hills: Grace Blackwell Sr Back, Kristina Kelly Jr Forward, Kassie Krul Sr Midfield, Kaylyn Krul Jr Midfield, Eliza Roy Sr Forward; Lewiston: Gemma Landry So Keeper; Messolonskee: Anika Elias Sr Forward; Mt. Blue: Katie Brittain Sr Back; Oxford Hills: Cecelia Dieterich Jr Midfield; Skowhegan: Annie Cooke Sr Back

Class A South: Biddeford: Kaelly O’Guinn Fr Forward; Bonny Eagle: Cassidy Koons Sr Midfield, Hailey Coons So Midfield, Sydney Gillingham Sr Keeper; Cheverus: Emma Gallant Jr Forward, Lauren Jordan Jr Back; Falmouth: Lexie Bugbee So Midfield Jr, Jordan Wolf Fr Keeper; Gorham: Emma Forgues Sr Midfield, Hallie Shiers Sr Forward; Noble: Bella Reil Jr Forward; Scarborough: Sophia Martens Sr Back, Molly Murnane Sr Midfield, Jessica Rinaldi Sr Midfield; Windham: Belle Skvorak Back

Class B North: Belfast: Junne Robertson-McIntire Jr Midfield; Brewer: Libby Hewes Sr Keeper, Maria Low Sr Midfield; Caribou: Lexi Rodriguez Sr Forward, Edie Shea So Midfield; Hermon: Emma Allmon Sr Back, Olivia Nash Sr Forward; John Bapst: Soleil Skehan Sr Back; Mt. View: Shala Davis Sr Midfield; Presque Isle: Madison Michaud Sr Forward, Savannah Rodriguez Sr Keeper; Waterville: Paige St. Pierre So Forward; Winslow: Maeghan Bernard Sr Back, Sara Doughty Sr Midfield, Carly Warn So Forward

Class B South: Cape Elizabeth: Maggie Cochran Fr Midfield, Grace Gillian Sr Back, Prezli Piscopo Sr Forward; Freeport: Catriona Gould Jr Forward, Tara Migliaccio Jr Back; Morse: Emily Martin Jr Forward; Mountain Valley: Taylor Henry Sr Keeper; Oak Hill: Jade Sturtevant Sr Back, Sadie Waterman Sr Midfield; Spruce Mountain: Calley Baker Sr Midfield; Wells: Hannah Cottis Sr Forward; Yarmouth: Olivia Feeley Sr Back; York: Nina Howe Jr Midfield, Peyton Nickerson Sr Back

Class C North: Central: Grace Francis Sr Back, Madi Speed Sr Back; Dexter: Hannah Dorman Sr Forward, Danielle Cummings Sr Forward; Fort Kent: Lexi Lovely Sr Midfield, Gabby Martin So Forward; George Stevens Academy: Bess MacArthur Sr Keeper; Houlton: Jamie Brown Sr Midfield, Sierra Hoops Jr Midfield, Tessa Soloman Sr Keeper; Narraguagus: Lanie Perry Sr Forward; Orono: Lauren Melanson Sr Back, Brooklynne White Sr Midfield; Penquis Valley: Cymeria Robshaw Sr Forward, Camryn Rolfe Sr Midfield; Sumner: Skylar Soule So Midfield

Class C South: Boothbay: Reagan Cola Sr Forward; Carrabec: Makayla Vicneire Sr Midfield; Hall-Dale: Grace Begin Sr Back, Olivia Bourque Sr Midfield; Madison: Emily Edgerly Jr Midfield; Maranacook: Emily Harper Fr Forward, Kaylee Jones Sr Back; Mt. Abram: Alice Cockerham Sr Midfield, Summer Ross Sr Midfield; Monmouth Academy: Audrey Fletcher Jr Forward;  Sacopee Valley: Kylie Day So Keeper; St. Dom’s: Avery Lutrzykowski Sr Forward; Traip Academy: Molly Sawtelle Fr Midfield, Sophia Sontamaria Jr Back; Winthrop: Aaliyah Wilson Falcone Jr Forward

Class D North: Ashland: Kassandra Nelson Sr Back, Shelby Stolze Jr Forward; Bangor Christian: Sydney Tozer Sr Midfield; Central Aroostook: Breann Bradbury Jr Midfield, Libby Grass So Back, Kate Levesque Jr Forward; Fort Fairfield: Camryn Ala Fr Midfield; Hodgdon: Autumn Ganzel Jr Keeper; Katahdin: Lindsey Drew Sr Back; Madawaska: Jenna Dugal Sr Forward, Isabelle Jandreau Sr Back; Penobscot Valley: Lexi Ireland Jr Forward, Lauren Reed Sr Forward; Schenck: Samantha Falone Sr Midfield; Southern Aroostook: Sydney Brewer Jr Keeper, Kassidy Mathers Sr Midfield, Kylie Vining Sr Forward

Class D South: Buckfield: Molly Bourget Jr Forward, Maggie Bragg Sr Back, Hannah Shields Sr Midfield; Greater Portland Christian: Courtney Spaulding Sr Midfield; Greenville: Bianca Breton Jr Midfield, Jessica Pomerleau Jr Forward, Halle Pelletier Jr Keeper; North Yarmouth Academy: Carly Downey Jr Keeper; Richmond: Emma Carbone Sr Back, Caitlin Kendrick Sr Midfield; Searsport: Mikaela Alley Sr Midfield, Ashten Wells Sr Forward; Temple: Hannah Hubbard Fr Midfield, Julianna Hubbard Jr Midfield; Valley: Kendra Sweet Sr Forward

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Coaches Who have Voted in the Maine Soccer Coaches Regional All-Star Process To Date

This list will be updated when we received your ballot. Please let me know if I have left you off the list below.


Class A North: Garth Berenyi, Bangor; Mark Roma, Brunswick; Ryan Hurley, Camden Hills; Tim Mains, Edward Little; Josh Stevens, Hampden Academy; Michael McGraw, Lewiston; Tom Sheridan, Messolonskee; Jack Rioux, Mt. Ararat; Joel Smith, Mt. Blue, Matt Dierterich, Oxford Hills (10 of 12)

Class A South: Laurence Burningham, Biddeford; Larry Robertson, Bonny Eagle; Matthew Andreasen, Cheverus; Joel Costigan, Deering; David Halligan, Falmouth; Tim King, Gorham: Greg Cavanaugh, Kennebunk; Ben Deschene, Marshwood; Alan Curtis, Massabesic; Sean Jackson, Noble; Rocco Frenzilli, Portland; Tim Fecteau, Sanford; Mark Diaz, Scarborough; Bryan Hoy, South Portland; Andrew Carlson, Thornton Academy; Vince Aceto, Westbrook; Walter LeBlanc, Windham (17 of 17)

Class B North: Howard Fogg, Belfast; Ben Poland, Brewer; Scott Hunter, Caribou; Paul Lock, Ellsworth; Carrie Larrabee, Erskine Academy; Luis Ayala, Foxcroft Academy; Nick Wallace, Gardiner; Mark Dieuveuil, Hermon; Yann Dupuy, John Bapst; Robert Towne, Lawrence; Scott Varney, Maine Central Institute; Brian Campbell, Medomak Valley; Dale Hustus, Mt. View; Tyler Frank, MDI; Mike Umbrianna, Nokomis; Matt Petrie, Oceanside; Mark Graffam, Old Town; Joe Greaves, Presque Isle; Chris Gardner, Washington Academy; Kerry Serdjenian, Waterville; Aaron Wolfe, Winslow (21 of 21)

Class B South: Ben Raymond, Cape Elizabeth; Bob Strong, Freeport; Bob Hodgman-Burns, Fryeburg Academy; Andy Higgins, Gray New Gloucester; Michael Andreasen, Greely; Ryan Harlow, Lake Region; Zac Conlogue, Leavitt; Chuck Reece, Morse; David Coyne, Poland; James Taylor, Mountain Valley; Adam Gettle, Spruce Mountain; Mike Hagerty, Yarmouth; Julie Johnson, York (13 of 16)

Class C North: John Boynton, Bucksport; Paul Speed, Central; Andrew Bermudez, Dexter; Kalusha Kotes, Fort Kent; Mark Ensworth, GSA; Brian Barton, Houlton; Randy Harris, Lee Academy; Matt Lindsay, Mattanawcook Academy; Waldo Caballero, Orono; Jason Mills, Penquis Valley; Trey Gilbert, Piscataquis; Tom Hart, Sumner (12 of 14)

Class C South: Andy Haskell, Hall-Dale; Dan Sylvester, Lisbon; Don Beckwith, Maranacook; Joe Fletcher, Monmouth Academy; Darren Allen, Mt. Abram; Sam Boyers, Sacopee Valley; Martin Bressler, St. Dom’s; Michel MacLeay; Traip Academy; Brandon Salway, Waynflete (9 of 13)

Class D North: Trevor Hews, Ashland; Aaron Wilcox, Bangor Christian; Wally Endy, Central Aroostook; Ryan Shaw, Easton; Copdy Tompkins, Fort Farifield; Jason Little, Hodgdon; Dylan Harris, Katahdin; Ben Gagnon, Madawaska; Jon Hamilton, MSSM; Jeremy Durost, Penobscot Valley; Aaron Hutchins, Schenck; Steve Lapierre, Van Buren; Scott Pelletier, Wisdom, Carl Ripley, Woodland (14 of 21)

Class D South: Kyle Rines, Buckfield; W. David Wilkinson, Chop Point; Chris Spaulding, Greater Portland Christian; Ryan Bolen, Greenville; Martyn Keen, North Yarmouth Academy; Kevin Donoghue, Rangeley Lakes; Peter Gardner, Richmond; Arik Akerberg, Seacoast Christian School; John Frye, Searsport; Phil Hubbard, Temple; Adam Farnham, Valley  (11 of 14)


Class A North: Joe Johnson, Bangor; Martyn Davison, Brunswick; Meredith Messer, Camden Hills; Jeff Hersey, Cony; Miles Fisher, Edward Little; Paul Wellman, Hampden Academy; Brant Remington, Lewiston; Chris DelGuidice, Messolonskee; Chad Kirk, Mt. Ararat; Fred Conlogue, Mt. Blue;  Chad Truman, Oxford Hills; Mike Herrick, Skowhegan (12 of 12)

Class A South: Darren Boynton, Biddeford; Scott Nason, Bonny Eagle; Craig Roberts, Cheverus; Kevin Olson, Deering; Andrew Pelletier, Falmouth; Jeanne Zarrilli, Gorham; Shannon Cavanaugh, Kennebunk; Chelsea Watson, Marshwood; Mike Reil, Noble; Curtis Chapin, Portland; Ellie Arsenault, Sanford; Michael Farley, Scarborough; Jeff Selser, South Portland; Natalie Sharland, Thornton Academy; Mikie Russell, Westbrook; Deb Label, Windham (16 of 17)

Class B North: Brian Beaulieu, Belfast; David Hamel, Brewer; Mark Shea, Caribou; Mike Falla, Erskine Academy; Chris Wesley, Foxcroft Academy; Jolaine Galibois-Barss, Gardiner; M J Ball, Hermon; Kori Dionne, John Bapst; Autumn Pepin, Maine Central Institute; Brianna Morrill, Medomak Valley; May Dow, MDI; David Page, Mt. View; Lucas Jewett, Nokomis; Eric Damboise, Old Town; Ralph Michaud, Presque Isle; Mark Serdjenian, Waterville; Steve Bodge, Winslow (17 of 21)

Class B South: Graham Forsythe, Cape Elizabeth; David Intraversato, Freeport; Antonio Barrionuevo, Fryeburg Academy; Kiaran McCormack, Gray New Gloucester; David Jaeger, Lake Region; Avalon Amador, Leavitt; Donovan York, Lincoln Academy; Branden Noltkamper, Morse; Jeff Pelletier, Mountain Valley; Jeremy Young, Oak Hill; Tim Dolley, Poland; Bill Acritelli, Spruce Mountain; Doug Cottis, Wells; Chris Coleman, Yarmouth; Walter Caldwell, York (14 of 16)

Class C North: Michael Garcelon, Bucksport; Richard Speed, Central; Jody Grant, Dexter; Doug Cyr, Fort Kent; Steve Bemiss, GSA; Tim Tweedie, Houlton; Cassie Pickering, Lee Academy; Stephanie Dubay, Mattanawcook Academy; Peter Joyce, Narraguagus; Cid Dyjak, Orono; Dawn McLauglin, Penquis Valley; Joe Gallant, Piscataquis; Justin Harding, Sumner (13 of 14)

Class C South: Matt Brewer, Boothbay; Heidi Vicneire, Carrabec; Guy Cousins, Hall-Dale; Jenniffer Perron, Lisbon; Savanna Lawrence, Madison; Travis Magnusson, Maranacook; Gary Trafton, Monmouth Academy; John Chase/Lani Roy, Mt. Abram; Heath Floyd, Old Orchard Beach; Brian Hink, Sacopee Valley; Patrick Keary, St. Dom’s; Michael Jackson, Traip Academy; George Sherry/Carrie Earls, Waynflete; Mark Carey, Winthrop (14 of 16)

Class D North: Peter Belskis, Ashland; David Young, Bangor Christian; Joe Levesque, Central Aroostook; Katie Zarrilli, Easton; John Ala, Fort Fairfield; Amanda Stubbs, Hodgdon; Shaun McAvoy, Katahdin; Tom Gerard, Madawaska; Michael Dugal, MSSM; Ryan Reed, Penobscot Valley; Michelle Hatch, Schenck/Stearns; Dana Bowen, Shead; Holly Vining, Southern Aroostook; Marcie Barbarula, Washburn; Chance Gervais, Wisdom  (15 of 19)

Class D South: Larry Thornton, Buckfield; Chris Spaulding, Greater Portland Christian; Cindy Obrey, Greenville; Ricky Doyon, North Yarmouth Academy; Troy Kendrick, Richmond; Amber Stanhope, Searsport; Phil Hubbard, Temple; Scott Laweryson, Valley; Duane Good, Wiscasset (9 of 13)

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